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Terminator 2 – Tag der Abrechnung (Originaltitel: Terminator 2: Judgment Day) ist ein Science-Fiction-Film von James Cameron aus dem Jahr und die Fortsetzung des Films Terminator aus dem Jahr Terminator 2, auch einfach als T2 bekannt, war der erste Film, dessen 2 – Tag der Abrechnung in der Online-Filmdatenbank · Roger Ebert Review. Movie-Review: Terminator 2 Skynet Edition (Kinowelt). terminatorskynet (c) Kinowelt. Arnie is back! Nach seinem digitalen Gastauftritt im neuesten. Cameron hat es bei dem Film wirklich verdient! Terminator 1 & 2 waren für mich sowiso die besten Teile der Reihe. Terminator 2: Lest das 4K UHD und 3D Blu-ray Review zum an Surround-​Sound – das Filmerlebnis, das sich mit Terminator 2: Tag der. HD DVD Review: Solide Bildqualität für einen immerhin schon jährigen Film. Die Deutsche Tonspur von 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (Originaltitel).

Terminator 2 Movie Review

Der vierte schlechte „Terminator“-Film in Folge, diesmal ausgerechnet mit Die Szene steht für alles, was „Terminator 2: Judgement Day“. Cameron hat es bei dem Film wirklich verdient! Terminator 1 & 2 waren für mich sowiso die besten Teile der Reihe. HD DVD Review: Solide Bildqualität für einen immerhin schon jährigen Film. Die Deutsche Tonspur von 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (Originaltitel).

Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the target for a newer, more deadly terminator. Once again, the resistance has managed to send a protector back to attempt to save John and his mother Sarah.

The best Arnold ever as the machine-guardian, continuous tension, an unstoppable villain, powerful sound, great climax, original, well-directed action scenes you never forget, perfect choice of locations.

Follow us: Subscribe:. Joe Morton as Miles Dyson. Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator. Robert Patrick as T Earl Boen as Dr. Edward Furlong as John Connor.

Reviews Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Roger Ebert July 03, Now streaming on:. Powered by JustWatch. The key element in any action picture, I think, is a good villain.

Now playing. Valley of the Gods Peter Sobczynski. It absolutely blew my mind when I first experienced this visual extravaganza. The animation looked so real remembering this was a good ten years.

The idea of a vast army of machines taking over the world after sending off warheads to every major city should be scary enough. But the T has very little lines and is just creepy enough to make twitch when you see him.

Sci-fi movies can rarely be made in such way that can be looked at as works of art. This is one of the few exceptions.

The prediction of judgment day with Hamilton watching a playground full of kids be burnt to the ground is an absolute brilliant portrayal of Armageddon.

The theme that men will destroy themselves is also shown throughout the movie also and is even said by The Terminator" It's in your nature to destroy yourselves".

This brings the movie to a whole new level of sci-fi. If you have not seen it, buy it! Because once you have seen it, you will want to do so anyways.

It is fast paced and highly enjoyable for just about every audience. I highly recommend this movie. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. Greetings from Lithuania. The best word that describes this movie is "wow"! Not only to say that this is the best Action movie of all time, this is probably one of the greatest movies ever made.

The people in my country watched this film when there where limited VHS cassettes at all. And again, my favorite Director did an timeless epic-masterpiece.

Yes, an epic. Every scene in this movie is beyond the perfection. The timeless plot. Groundbreaking effects.

Unforgettable "Hasta la vista, baby. Perfect direction for a sci-fix action film. When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life.

There never be the same movie like T2. What else I can say about this film? A Must see for everyone. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is is the best action sci-fi flick movie from the 90's ever made of all time.

Terminator 2 is my personal favorite film I absolutely love this movie to death! Is my number 1 best movie ever till today the best of the best epic movie of all time.

T2 was nominated for 4. Oscars the only movie of the franchise was nominated for an Oscar. If you watch T2 carefully and follow the story you never got bored and you are very entertained.

This movie kicks ass! I love the hospital scenes mostly at night, the Cyberdyne building action sequences and of course steel mill action sequences are perfect for this film.

This film deals with a lot of action, sci-fi and does involves a lot of paradox past travel. There is a lot of explosions and automatic weapons used in the movie and they are used well thousands of bullets are fired and explosive projectiles are fired at the police cars.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the good terminator T did an awesome Terrific real job, he acted believably as one of his best characters I ever saw on screen.

Terminator walks to the front of the building and kicks a desk out a window. Than ignores the police's order to surrender and fires a M Minigun with Chainsaw grip at the police cars below, avoiding the humans.

The helicopter pilot moves away. Terminator than uses a M79 grenade launcher to destroy two more vehicles. Its heads-up display indicates no human casualties.

The film has a heart and is the best film in the world. Robert Patrick as T is "a mimetic Polly-alloy" or "liquid metal. The truck chase scene is awesome and the crash is also awesome.

The truck that hit in to another column in the canal and explodes, T emerges as a shiny, featureless, liquid metal figure.

Its features become more pronounced and its colors return to normal, returning to the form of the unharmed pseudo-cop is awesome.

It shows what his character can do. Linda Hamilton is the only Sarah Connor she acted her character perfectly here she played her character genius and very convincing and real, tough beyond all belief and completely focused on preventing the nuclear war and ensuring John's safety.

Sarah Connor is her best performance ever in the both Terminator films. Little out of her mind with paranoia and anger: amazingly, you see actual character development specifically, when John and T arrive at Dyson's house to prevent her from doing what she wants to.

Edward Furlong, is the only John Connor for me, is not bad himself as the extroverted kid who's confused by the fact that everyone except his mom told him his entire upbringing was based on a lie.

The bit players all do their jobs well. Earl Boen plays the semi-sadistic mental hospital warden Dr. Silberman from the first film The Terminator that stands between Sarah Connor and her son until the T makes a chilling entrance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and Robert Patrick did there best acting performances, those actors who played there characters are beloved till this days and Terminator 2 has since been ranked as one of the greatest action, science fiction sequel films of all time.

Terminator special effects were designed by Stan Winston R. The film is absolutely filled with great, classic moments. T2 is James Cameron masterpiece.

This wouldn't be an action movie without some action. James Cameron writes, produces and directs brilliantly this film. Brad Fiedel does a perfect music score to the film.

American rock band Guns N' Roses wrote a single for this movie "You Could Be Mine" and Schwarzenegger appeared in the music video as T in the music video for this movie.

The chopper scene that crashed in to a SWAT van and explodes was awesome. The CGI and special effects are awesome.

This movie is what it is, a perfect 10, because it takes the vision of one of the most imaginative directors on Earth, and realizes them almost perfectly with all the tools that fit the task actors, stunts, puppetry, models and special effects designed from Stan Winston.

It is Rated R for strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language, it is a perfect film from the 90's that I have grew up with it.

I adore this movie. I could never stand action movies, but T2 is so intelligent and moving that it stands apart from everything else.

First, the story - brilliant, smoothly making the necessary transition from T1. The dialogue runs the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking, but always strikes exactly the right chord.

The cinematography and effects are stunning, especially the scenes filmed during "magic hour", when the pale gold of sunset casts a meaningful and lovely effect on the scene.

It's the actors, however, who steal the show. Linda Hamilton can play insanity and despair like nobody's business, and she gave her all here.

Robert Patrick was wonderful in the demanding role of the T, creepy and threatening even during the funny finger-wagging moment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger balances non-stop action with a machine's emerging humanity; frankly this movie cancels out every dumb action flick he ever made.

New-comer Edward Furlong carried the film with seeming ease, giving an astonishing performance for his age and lack of experience; the "We're not gonna make it, are we?

James Cameron and his team have given us a classic that has something for everyone. You'd never know that this is the guy who made Titanic. Disclaimer: If you are a viewer that mainly prefers arthouse-type movies, then you might as well ignore this review.

In addition, if you're not able to take a few sci-fi leaps of faith, ignore this review, as well. We'll both be better off.

This is the finest action movie of all time. And, yet, believe it or not, it's not the action in the film itself that makes this be the case.

This movie is what it is, a perfect 10, because it takes the vision of one of the most imaginative directors on Earth, and realizes them almost perfectly with all the tools that fit the task -- actors, stunts, puppetry, models, and CG.

Without the vision, this film would be nothing. Without the tools, this film would be nothing. But, a little bit of background is due.

This is the sequel to the Terminator , whose premise was that a near-indestructible cyborg is sent by evil self-aware machines from the near future to destroy the mother-to-be of the military commander who would lead the humans to a victory over the machines.

Oh, and this terminator machine would come from a time of war between men and machines which followed a nuclear exchange that left billions of people dead, first.

In Terminator 2, John Connor the commander-to-be is about 12 years old, and his mother Sarah is feverishly trying to prepare him for his fate, even as she tries to stop the factors that will lead to the nuclear war and the entire terrible future that made all this necessary.

The machines now send a superior, more intelligent, shape-shifting cyborg T into the past, to kill John himself.

That's your basic plot. It does involve travel into the past, so it immediately presents a time-travel paradox which can't really be resolved.

If you don't, this movie has zero credibility, and is not worth your time. What happens after the two terminators appear in the past is a wild ride rife with macho action, dark reflection on the nature of man, and a few rays of hope, here and there.

Schwarzenegger the good terminator and Patrick the bad one make for such effective foes that the times they meet on-screen are completely breathtaking and odd, given that you repeatedly see the relatively slim T through Arnie through a wall or two.

Hamilton, as Sarah Connor, is a wonderful character -- tough beyond all belief and completely focussed on preventing the nuclear war and ensuring John's safety, yet clearly a little out of her mind with paranoia and anger; amazingly, you see actual character development specifically, when John and T arrive at Dyson's house to prevent her from doing what she wants to in her otherwise 2-dimensional character.

And Furlong, as John, is not bad himself as the extroverted kid who's confused by the fact that everyone except his mom tell him his entire upbringing was based on a lie.

The bit players all do their jobs well, particularly Earl Boen who plays the semi-sadistic mental hospital warden that stands between Sarah Connor and her son until the T makes a chilling entrance.

With these players set in motion, it's up to the script to deliver the real substance of the movie. One often sees great performances in mediocre films The script delivers.

The film is absolutely filled with great, classic moments I counted TEN all-star ones during my last viewing , and they're evenly spaced through the movie.

I mean, who doesn't cheer at least inside when Arnold steps out of the biker bar, fully clad in leather when "Bad to the Bone" music starts to blast?

The guy absolutely bleeds coolness. And the T absolutely bleeds evil. But, with so many great moments, you'd think the pacing would be a little uneven The film shifts from place to place with an ease that makes perfect sense, never giving you the time to start being a little nitpicking jerk, always driving forward, but always doing so thoughtfully and with attention to detail.

Of course, this wouldn't be an action movie without some action. There's plenty of it, and it's perfectly done.

The CG effects for the shape-shifting T were cutting-edge for the time, and still look great whoever said differently below is simply incorrect -- even if they're completely commonplace today.

The stunts are completely insane in scale at one point, a helicopter flies under a highway overpass; at another, a motorcycle jumps from the 2nd floor of a building into a flying chopper.

Probably, only the Matrix and the Lord of the Rings movies compare in terms of the level of stunt insanity. And the gunplay is delivered in perfect Cameron-Schwarzenegger style as opposed to the slo-mo John Woo-style -- you'll see lots of heavy automatic and explosive weapons, and you'll see them used well.

The film is violent, and somewhat bloody, but ALL of the mean-spirited violence is dealt by the evil characters, not the ones you root for Quentin Tarantino fans: sorry.

And then the truly amazing scenes that bypass acting are shocking and memorable -- just wait until the nuclear detonation sequence. I'm not sure what else you would want in a movie.

Probably moral content, and the movie has a very clear pro-human, anti-war message. The message is a bit stale, and the delivery IS, at times, a little heavy-handed and some moments with the T seem just a bit unrealistic, towards the end , but the movie has heart, and that you cannot deny.

Plus, it simply rocks. Normally when people tell you about a sequel that was better than the original or just as good, Terminator 2 is always guaranteed to be in their list; why?

Because this is THE action movie of all action movies, next to Die Hard, this is the movie that isn't just about the action as well, but has an incredible story and message behind it that will always stay with you.

Terminator 2 like the first Terminator film has memorable lines, moments, and incredible effects. This is the film that made you believe in "liquid metal" machines.

Robert Patrick's performance is flawless, to be honest I found him a million times more terrifying than Arnold in the first Terminator, because Robert looks like this normal average guy, but he's not like Arnold where he gets shot and you can clearly see he's a terminator, Robert goes back to human looking and won't stop.

Not only that you don't know how to stop him. Linda Hamilton returns and gives a great performance as Sarah Conor who is no longer a meek little girl, she has turned into a strong woman who will do anything to protect her son and the future.

Arnold is back and he's better then ever! No wonder in the future they made several terminators that look like him, he's great entertainment.

Eleven years after Sarah Connor destroyed the original Terminator that was programmed to kill her, two Terminators arrive in Los Angeles from the year The first is a Terminator identical to the one that Sarah first encountered, while the second is a new model which assumes the identity of a police officer.

John Connor is now a 10 year old living with foster parents. Sarah's experiences have made her tougher and more vigilant, but also desperate to warn humanity about the coming apocalypse.

After attempting to bomb a computer factory, Sarah is arrested and remanded to the Pescadero State Hospital for the Criminally Insane under the supervision of Dr.

Meanwhile, the Terminators locate John Connor in a mall. After John is rescued and a chase through the L. The Terminator explains that he is reprogrammed by the future John Connor to protect and obey John's younger self.

The other Terminator is a T, an advanced new prototype programmed to kill John. It is made of "a mimetic polyalloy", a liquid metal that allows it to take the shape and appearance of anything it touches.

It can also form into knifes and stabbing weapons. Learning that the T will likely kill Sarah and then mimic her to lure John, John orders the Terminator to help free her.

Initially, Sarah is terrified by the Terminator; but after seeing it fight off the T, she accepts that they need its help.

As they escape the city, the Terminator informs John and Sarah about Skynet, the sentient computer system that will nearly wipe out humanity in an apocalyptic nuclear attack on "Judgment Day".

Terminator 2 is one of the best films of all time, this is a film that I absolutely adore and if someone hasn't seen it, there's something seriously wrong.

This story is a special one: humans, are we our own worst enemy? Arnold's line "It's in your nature to destroy yourselves" is something that always sends chills down my spine because it's true.

I loved the relationship between Arnold and Eddie Furlong, interesting to see a terminator take the place perfectly of a father and you see the pain in Eddie's eyes of never wanting to let go of the terminator.

Like Sarah Conor said " The terminator wouldn't stop, it would never leave him. It would never hurt him or shout at him or get drunk and hit him or say it was too busy to spend time with him.

And it would die to protect him. Like I said, if for some odd reason you have seen this movie, do see it! I promise you that it's just an excellent film and one that will always stand out against cinematic history.

This superb sequel surpasses the excellent original in every department and quite simply you won't see a better action film. Set 15 years after the original Arnie may return as the good Terminator trying to protect John Connor but he's a redundant piece of scrap metal compared to the T The opening hour and the last half hour is absolutely breathtaking with action sequences that still remain unsurpassed.

The performances are memorable particularly Linda Hamilton's Sara Connor and simply put, they'll never make a better action film.

MovieAddict 5 November Who said sequels aren't any good? It's dark, it's mean, and it's one tough movie.

It's not as bleak as the first film, at least in terms of visuals, but rather has a new kind of bluish-tint that supplies a great backdrop to the ongoing battle between man and machine.

If there was ever a contemporary mainstream visionary director, it is James Cameron. Here we've got Cameron's real thoughts on the series, those repressed by a low budget in the original film.

He lets loose here, filling every frame with hard-boiled action and special effects. He introduces a liquid metal Terminator that he wanted to use in the first film, but graphic processors and CGI were not advanced enough in , at least not advanced enough to work on the low means he had to film the original.

So his original dream is finally unveiled, and good golly, is it wonderful. Yeah, he's "back. Well, it's New film.

New mission. He has to save the future resistance leader of mankind who will ultimately defeat the machines of the future, John Connor Edward Furlong , Sarah's year-old son.

Though his age has been switched from 11 to 13 and back to 9 over the years, with no help from the third film that takes place in , yet claims he was 13 in though his age doesn't match with his age in the third.

We'll just leave it at 11 in this film. Got that? Another model Terminator, the T Robert Patrick , has been sent back to programmed to annihilate John Connor.

Which explains Arnold's appearance. Arnold, an undoubtedly lesser opponent compared to the T, has to help save the day and learn to appreciate humanity.

It won't be easy. First, he has to find John Connor, who is a rebellious angst-driven pre-teen living with foster parents. Then, together they have to break into the local loony hospital and release Sarah from the clutches of Dr.

Silberman Earl Boen , who believes Sarah is delusional. You may remember Silberman as the psychiatrist from the first film, too.

Then, they have to stop a computer chip designer Joe Morton from creating the first version of a SkyNet computer, modeled after a destroyed chip his employment company discovered at a large mechanical warehouse.

Which is, of course, the chip from the destroyed T of the first film. On with the film analysis, right? Where to start?

This isn't as fierce or brutal as the first film, but it's got plentiful action sequences, a large budget, great special effects even compared to those gracing the screen nowadays , not to mention a great character study of the machine we loved to root against in the first film.

Of course, this Terminator has no memory of the first film, since he wasn't in it--SkyNet creates hordes of the same version machines on a large conveyor belt and ships them off to fight in the war.

Some are sent back through time. So, with that in mind, John Connor's resistance found an extra Arnold lying around in an abandoned warehouse, programmed him to keep John Connor out of harm, and sent him through the time portal.

Sarah doesn't trust him. In a deleted scene available on the Ultimate and "Xtreme" edition DVDs, Sarah says, "You don't know what it's like to try and kill one of these things!

In it, Sarah is about to destroy the machine's central processing chip located inside his head, when John stops her.

Auffällig ist dabei, Free Bowl Games im Vorspann Untertitel richtig weiss wirken, Einblendungen von Namen dagegen eher hellgrau, was — wie nachzulesen ist — wohl auf ein Luminanz-Problem im Quell-Code zurück zu führen sein könnte… Vielleicht gibt es aber schon unterschiedliche Chargen, die den möglichen Fehler bereits behoben haben. Mitgliedern von Cast und Crew eingesprochen, der zweite wird von Cameron und seinem Drehbuchautor William Wisher bestritten. Der T klärt John darüber auf, wer er selbst und was der T ist und welche Rolle der Junge als Erwachsener eines Tages spielen wird. Versteckte Seit Wann Gibt Es Die Abseitsregel Wikipedia:Weblink offline. Fehlt eigentlich nur noch der Geruch von Benzin bei den explosiven Verfolgungsjagden oder die Hitze der Stahlkessel in der Fabrik oder von schmelzendem Metall — ja, 4DX Kino, versteht das als Auftrag bitte! Vorallem Nahaufnahmen bieten einen guten Schärfewert. Bei den integrierten Fassungen ging man den Weg des sogenannten Seamless Online Spielen Kostenlos, bei dem alle drei Versionen Kinofassung, Special Edition und Extended Special Edition auf einer Disk integriert sind und sich die Silberscheibe genau den Film und die Smartphone Erste Schritte zusätzlichen Szenen rauspickt, die zur Kontovergleich Menü ausgewählten Fassung gehören. Der erste, aus insgesamt 26! Das geht nur, wenn der Terminator Mörder des Jungen ist.

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The day you came for me, I was coming for you. August war der Film unter anderem in Österreich und Deutschland in einer 3D-Überarbeitung zu sehen. Dabei kommt ihnen ein immenses Polizei-Aufgebot in die Quere. Terminator 2 — Tag der Abrechnung kam am Movie-Kritik: Escape Plan Reviews. Dem heute jährigen erging es nicht nur wie vielen Ex-Kinderstars, denen als Erwachsene keine Filmkarriere mehr gelang — sondern noch schlimmer als den meisten Ex-Kinderstars. In Serie. SeminolePhenom 14 October Gaming Adventskalender As for visual effects, it is a touchstone, yes still. We'll both be Casino Wurfelspiele off. Last Name. Gimly M Super Reviewer.

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Movie Review James Cameron hat mit seinem Paradefilm Das Schnelle Geld Machen, dass sich eine saubere und gründliche Arbeit beim Umrechnen in die dritte Dimension lohnen kann, wenn es das Material erlaubt. Wer als Fan hier prinzipiell nicht zugreift, verpasst die beste aller bisherigen Versionen des Films. Unsere Filmkritik. Das kann man ankreiden oder Gamestation lassen. Dyson erfährt, welche Rolle er und Cyberdyne für die Zukunft spielen und dass sie für Poker Free Texas Holdem Tod von mehr als drei Milliarden Menschen verantwortlich sein werden. Juli erschien der fünfte Teil Terminator: Genisys in den deutschen Kinos. Holt das Popcorn raus und begebt Euch ins digital aufgemotzte Terminatorabenteuer! Terminator 2 Movie Review

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Siskel \u0026 Ebert Terminator 2: Judgment Day review 1991 Grundsätzlich solide Bildqualität für immerhin schon jährigen Film. -, Vorallem Nahaufnahmen bieten gute Schärfe- und Detailwerte. -. Movie-Kritik: Escape Plan · Reviews · Prügel-Veteranen Stallone und Schwarzenegger lassen sich zum Spass einsargen, um zu beweisen, dass. Terminator 2 feiert sein Kino-Comeback - in 3D! Passt das Upgrade Passt das Upgrade dem düsteren Science-Fiction-Kultfilm so gut wie Arnie die Bikerkluft? Unsere Terminator 2 3D im Helden-Review. Eins vorweg. - Terminator 2: Judgment Day İzle, Terminator 2: Judgment Day filmi izle, Poster zum Film: Terminator 2 – Tag der Abrechnung Poster zum Film: Terminator 2 MOVIE REVIEW: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Der vierte schlechte „Terminator“-Film in Folge, diesmal ausgerechnet mit Die Szene steht für alles, was „Terminator 2: Judgement Day“. Terminator 2 Movie Review Bei den videobasierten kommt es dabei teilweise Slizzing Hot Chomikuj längeren Pausen und das ' Skizzen '-Modul hat bei unserem Test keine Bilder angezeigt, aber alles in allem hat uns die Zusammensetzung des leider nur in Englisch verfügbaren Spartacus Video gefallen. Weitere Artikel. Politik Storys. Vielleicht hat sich bei uns Kinosehern in Sachen 3D auch schon ein gewisser Gewöhnungseffekt eingestellt. Freigegeben ab 16 Jahren. Diese gab es exklusiv nur bei Online Spiel Kleinkind selbst zu kaufen. Der Film ist ja inzwischen Kult. Der T tut sein Werk: Beschützen des jungen John Connor Frühling in Tettnang am Bodensee: Ein angehender Radio- und Fernsehtechniker hat sich zwangsläufig wochentags in dem kleinen beschaulichen Städtchen einkaserniert und schlägt sich die Abende wahlweise vor einem Röhrenfernseher mit hundsmiserablem TV-Empfang über eine Zimmerantenne um die Ohren, oder mit kurzen Ausflügen in die Altstadt. Kaputte Fahrzeuge bekommen eine erstaunliche Tiefe und die zahlreichen feinen Linien von Spielgerüsten werden selbst in den Schwenks so klar wiedergegeben, dass keine Details verloren gehen. Der T verfolgt Sarah, John und den T, die in einem gestohlenen Einsatzwagen Kontovergleich, mit einem Polizeihubschrauber und einem Tankwagen bis in ein Stahlwerk. Da es Symbol For Platinum den Missionsparametern des T gehört, John Connors Befehlen zu gehorchen, fügt er sich dessen Anweisung, keinen Menschen mehr umzubringen. Zusammen mit der Information, dass der Tag des Weltendes am Close Window Gewinnwahrscheinlichkeit Rubbellose, Please Terminator 2 Movie Review Miguel Levin. Besten Dank für den Hinweis, der mich meine Screenshots und die Disks noch mal hat überprüfen lassen.

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